Nationality: Dutch
Civil Status: married
Languages: Dutch, English, German, Spanish
Sports: Tennis, badmington, scubadiving,
Hobbies: traveling, computers, playing piano.

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I was born in 1963 in the city of Alkmaar, a beautiful small town, in the northern part of The Netherlands.
I went to high school in the Petrus Canisius College and studied my Technical career in the Hogeschool Alkmaar. and was graduated in 1986 as a bachelor of science in civil engineer.
I studied at the Florida Institute of Technology, been graduated as Master's of Science in Ocean Engineering in 1996.

Practical and profesional training

I went to Curacao, the largest of the 5 islands of the Netherlands Antilles located about 60 miles north of Venezuela, for my practical training.
I worked at a nice local engineering consultancy Grabowsky & Poort International, which is part of Grabowsky & Poort B.V. Consulting Engineers, a Heidemij Company.
After my practical year, I got a position in St Maarten with the same engineering company. I worked for more than one year as a supervisor for the construction of the Roll on Roll off Harbor and the extension of the Power plant of St Maarten.
I moved to Curacao again in 1988, where I worked until December 1993. In 1988 the company became more and more automated; the first computers with Autocad arrived and I got inspired of the numerous possibilities.

From 1988 to 1990, I developed my skills in computer drafting, spreadsheets and wordprocessing. When I became more and more experienced I got more involved in the design and management of various civil engineering projects. During 1993 I did the design of some road projects on St Maarten, and worked on a prestigious resort development, the Sta. Barbara Project in Curacao.

I left the island Curacao in December 1993;together with my wife, Beatriz,we went for a 4-months journey through South America.
After a wonderful trip, we arrived in Holland where I worked for several months with Grabowky & Poort in Hoorn.

Then we went to Florida,USA, to study at the Florida Institute of Technology. Since graduation I have been working setting up a wave and weather station in Sebastian Inlet. Here and FIT, I have developed a nice wave program, which you can check it out on my next pages.
At the same time, I have set up my own engineer company, WINCO, and I have done some interesting projects in Curacao, St. Maarten, and Saba in the latests years. In 1998 we moved back to Hollands, where I have been working on projects in St. Maarten and Egypt.