WAVES is a user-friendly PC MS-Windows application which can be used for preliminary design work in ocean engineering. The first test release provides some basic features like: Wave theories, Wave transformation, Wave forces and Breakwater design.
This ocean engineering software package is primarily based on the Shore Protection Manual. In order to avoid reading charts and tables, simply put in your data and the software cranks it out.

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System requirements
WAVES ver 1.0 requires a PC 386 or better with MS Windows version 3.1 or later. The software requires less then 2.0 MB of disk space. It is recommended that the PC should have 4 MB or more of RAM and a 14 inch high resolution colour screen.
In order to install theWAVES test version on your PC, first make a directory to which you copy the compressed zip file, waves95.zip . Use pkunzip to unzip the files.

Waves for windows 95
File size: 992732 bytes Downoad here

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