Projects in St. Maarten

Harbor Philipsburg.

A new Cruise and Cargo Port of St Maarten in the Netherlands Antilles constructed by Ballast Nedam.

Beach study Great Bay

A Beach Study to investigate the status and development of the Great Bay Beach in St Maarten.

Roundabout Food-center.

A round-about was constructed for a better traffic flow to Philipsburg from the Airport.

Boulevard Great Bay.

In 1998 the Government of St. Maarten developed a plan to realise a boulevard along the beach of Great Bay.

Coastal protection Airport

During storms the Simpson Bay side of the airport is attacked by high waves and treatens the runway. A coastal protection system was designed.

Coastal Protection Belair Beach.

After several hurricanes the beach of the hotel Bel-Air disappered almost completely. A study was performed to find solutions to creat a stable beach.

Sea water Intake System for Power Plant.

The existing sea water intake of the power plant is old and often cloghed by sand. A study was done for a better construction.

Filling of the Flamingo Pond.

The Flamingo Pond on the premises of the airport is filled to expand the apron of the airport.

Inspection of various structures after hurricane Luis.

After hurricane Luis in 1995 servere damage occured on the island of St. Maarten and inspections of the waterfront structures were performed.